Lamtech Software for Interferometers

ISA program for the evaluation of fringe patterns of Lamtech TOPOS instruments, as well as Fizeau-, Michelson- and Twyman- Green Interferometers

The ISA Software offers an optimized tool for the evaluation of interferograms and documentation of the form of parts. The user receives concrete flatness values, which make results comparable and quantifiable.

The topography of a part can be displayed in the following terms:

  • measuring data sheet
  • false-color image
  • relief image
  • several line diagrams (e.g. 3D-images, cross sections, developed views for rings)

The parameters of the measurement as well as a multilined comment, selectable by the user, appear in all of the graphics. Part specific measurement parameters can be saved and reloaded quickly when changing the test objects. The diagrams can be printed for documentation of the measurements.

Thanks to the two-dimensional measurement method, up to 560 x 560 measuring points can be evaluated in just a few seconds. Data exports to statistics and quality control programs is ensured by saving the series of the measurements results either in a CSV data format or in a AQDEF data format.

The flatness is calculated according to ISO/TS 12781-1 and displayed as FLTt value.

INTDOK for the documentation of fringe patterns of visual inspection instruments

INTDOK is a suitable addition for SPI and PGI interferometers as well as other interferometers with a video output, if a documentation is required.

INTDOK, as an extension for the visual flatness measurement, makes the documentation of fringe patterns from SPI and PGI interferometers possible. In order to document measurements, the interferograms can be saved with a comment of several lines and printed. Additionally, the interferograms can be exported as Bitmap. A horizontal or vertical grid with arbitrary distances can be overlayed by the user, this facilitates the estimation of the flatness.