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First delivery of an extended solution for large rings

Lamtech is able to measure rings with an outer diameter of 620mm for the first time – the TOPOS 100 with a rotary table

Lamtech Lasermesstechnik equipes a producer of technical ceramic components with a TOPOS 100 including a rotary table extension, which has the ability to measure rings with an outer diameter up to 620mm. In May 2012, Lamtech Lasermesstechnik delivered the flatness measurement instrument, which adopts to the specific measurement requirements of the costumer. Correspondingly, the software ISA V40 has been extended for this measurement process. In total, the whole measurement process takes less than 90 seconds until the user receives a concrete flatness value of the entire test object.

The measurement principle uses the stitching method, which has been implemented for the first time by the Lamtech Lasermesstechnik in 1999. With this method ring segments are measured successively with an overlapping and merged together calculative.

This product solution has been incorportated into the product portfolio of Lamtech Lasermesstechnik. If you would like to receive more information about this solution, please click here.

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