Company Profile of Lamtech Lasermesstechnik

Lamtech Lasermesstechnik GmbH developes and produces optical measurement systems in Stuttgart since 1993.

Right from the beginning, the emphasis was laid on the development of interferometers for the flatness measurement of technical surfaces. Thus, the first TOPOS interferometers have been created, based on the principle of grazing incidence of light and which facilitate the non-contact flatness measurement.

In 1998, as a supplement Lamtech introduced the SPI visual inspection instruments to the market.

One year later, in 1999, Lamtech launched the TOPOS 100, which henceforth extends the measuring spectrum of the Lamtech flatness measurement instruments. In the same year, the first TOPOS 100 with the extension of a rotary table in order to measure larger rings has been delivered to a customer. With this method ring segments are measured successively with an overlapping and thereafter, merged calculative to an entire ring (stitching method).

In 2008, the first system with a cross table in order to measure larger, entire surfaces of parts has been delivered to a customer. This system also works on the basis of the stitching method.

In 2012, a system to measure mechanical seals up to an outer diameter of 620mm has been delivered to a manufacturer of technical ceramic components.

Right from the start, Lamtech Lasermesstechnik adopts toward costumer needs and thus, developes and produces customized opto-mechanical assembly groups next to their own products.

Since the beginning, Lamtech Lasermesstechnik is also internationally active. The Lamtech flatness measurement interferometers are to be found in diverse countries of the EU, in North and South America, as well was in China and Malaysia.